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Life can sometimes feel emotionally overwhelming, perhaps due to relationship difficulties, parenting challenges, bereavement, family feuds, work, financial worries, illness, or unresolved emotional trauma. Sometimes life simply feels difficult, maybe unbearable, and depression, anxiety, anger or loneliness can lead to low self-esteem or feeling unable to cope, stopping you from moving forward with your life in a positive way.

I am qualified as  a Emotional Therapeutic Counselling which is a person-centred and holistic approach to counselling where you will be listened to and helped to explore painful feelings and emotions gently and at your own pace. This can enable you to develop strategies to better cope with your life in the present, and to make the changes you need to make, leading you to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling future.

As a counsellor I can support and encourage you to explore and express your feelings, thoughts and beliefs using creative techniques that are designed to enable healing, restore emotional health and improve self-esteem and self-worth.Counsellors are individuals and as such differ in personality and approach. It is therefore important to choose the right one for you. Choosing someone with whom you feel comfortable, are able to open up to, and to communicate effectively with, will mean you are more likely to benefit fully from your counselling sessions.


Yoga isn’t about challenging postures - its about mindfullness in the way we move and the breath. When we start yoga we find something much deeper, a peacefulness or an acceptance: a mindful practice.

We all need to take some time out every now and again, but for those who are battling with the stress of modern life, the benefits of finding time and space to be mindful can be enormous. 

For newcomers to yoga, the physical benefits of the practice are often its greatest appeal - the slender build, defined muscles and impossible flexibility. But in a world of constant stress and traumatic experiences that have many feeling anxious and depressed these yoga practices have benefits that run much deeper.

Yoga is mindfulness. It is simply being  the present moment and allows s to  boost our focus and improve our memory while also reducing our stress and our emotional reactivity. Mindfulness enhances our self-insight, intuition, and reduces our fear by being present in the moment, while still accepting one’s inner thoughts and feelings calmly and rationally.


Relaxation through breathing techniques and meditation helps reduce the physical symptoms of some of the most common mental illnesses: anxiety and depression. They help lower your blood pressure and calm your mind. Developing a mindful routine that works for you can help you to become more present allowing yourself to feel emotions you experience , understand these emotions, and be at ease with these emotions so you do not become overwhelmed by them.


The art of coaching is rooted in ancient philosophy and wisdom, overlapping significantly with the world of counselling. However, whereas counselling begins with looking inwards and unravelling experiences, emotions, thoughts and feelings, the coaching journey begins from a place of acknowledgement of the past with emphasis on looking outwards enabling you to move forward into a place of wellbeing.

Coaching can give you an opportunity to explore how you can support your physical, emotional, spiritual, social and psychological wellbeing in ways that suit you as a unique individual. Sessions are tailored to your specific individual needs and focusing on your future welbeing which, for most people, encompasses the key themes of managing stress, good nutrition, exercise, creativity, relaxation, self-expression, self-confidence and clear communication.

As a wellbeing coach I believe that you already know, perhaps sub-consciously, the solutions to your perceived problems. I can help you to think better, to recognise and find a way to resolve or navigate your blocks and to make decisions and lifestyle choices that work for you.

For clients coaching has been a natural progression from counselling. Others have chosen coaching instead of counselling to help them to move forward in a positive direction. I believe that coaching can be an exciting and enlightening journey of discovery, realisation and inspiration, leading to a place of clarity, renewed motivation and wellness.


I can a workshop to meet your requirements. Workshops can include  yoga/ mindfulness or coaching - or both.

Please email outlining what you would like the workshop to achieve and I will endeavour to create a bespoke event. 

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