Katharine West

I am a Well-being Coach  who aims to inspire and support people on their journey to creating a life they love.



I have always been driven and felt you can achieve whatever you want to ….. you just need to apply yourself. In my 20s I became a shoe designer, running my own business and then designing theatrical shoes in the West End.  In my 30s I built a career I as a surveyor. I enjoyed it and progressed well. Then at 42 I got the news, breast cancer. This was my wake-up call. It changed my view of life. I was familiar with the challenges of busy lifestyles, difficult interpersonal relationships, and the pressures and stresses of life and  life changes.


Faced with cancer, and all the fear that brought, I looked long and hard at my life.

I had already discovered yoga in my 20s and was always intrigued - what was it that made me feel so relaxed and re energised after yoga? I took the opportunity to learn more about yoga and trained as a yoga teacher. I learnt loads - about myself, how to relax and let go, how to build a strong and flexible body, how to feel energised, how to inhabit my own body in a mindful way…..mindful movement and breathing. I have been teaching yoga for 11 years in weekly classes, weekend retreats on Dartmoor, week long retreats in Europe. I currently teach yoga on 1:1 basis, in small groups privately and or as part of my wellbeing coaching sessions which combine coaching, counselling and yoga.


Whilst running my yoga retreats, I realised that people had problems that came to the surface when they took the space from their busy lives to go on retreat. I wanted to learn how to support people at this point in their lives and also felt that I wanted to understand my emotional self, resolve and let go of the past and move forward with authenticity and resilience. So I completed a 3 year training  as an Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor and Wellbeing Coach and am accredited on the National Counselling Directory . The training included doing a lot of the work yourself and I found it incredibly valuable for my own self-development….. and it is good to know it works!! I


I found coaching, counselling and yoga techniques to help heal the past, cope with the present and look forward to a brighter, healthier future. These therapies helped me deal whatever life threw at me and how to do this with resilience and authenticity. Using the tools I’ve learnt though coaching, counselling and yoga I  believe that everyone can be supported to find the strength not just to survive, but to truly thrive. 


I have developed a unique service providing a fusion of coaching, counselling and mindfulness tailored for you. You may only want, or need, one of the therapies such as counselling support or life coaching….. the choice is yours:


  • As a counsellor I will support and encourage you to explore and express your feelings, thoughts and beliefs using creative techniques that are designed to enable healing, restore emotional health and improve self-esteem and self-worth.

  • ·There are many yoga techniques that I can teach you to become more calm, focused and able to cope with daily life , commonly termed mindfulness techniques. These are not physical exercises but breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

  • As a coach I will work with you to reveal your core values and beliefs so that you can overcome obstacles in your life, learn to meet your own needs and create a vision for your own future and help you advance down the path you desire in life



My clients feedback that they benefit from an improved sense of health and wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.

I offer support and encouragement in a non-judgmental, responsive manner. I will provide a safe place where you can share your thoughts, feelings and hopes in confidence.

I offer a free half hour consultation to explore how we can work together. In the first instance please contact me by telephone or email.


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